Lied Flessenscheepjes


Flessenscheepjes: je kan ze bouwen, je kan ze bekijken  in het Flessenscheepjes Museum, maar je kan er ook een lied over  schrijven, zoals Ken Stephens deed.

 Little ships that sail in bottles

CD met liedjes

That will never feel the wind

Little ships with glass horizons

Put there by the hand of man.

The old sailor can remember

As he builds them with his hands

Former times on wide blue oceans

Though they’ll never leave the land.

Tall crossed yards and spidery rigging

Ensigns high and billowing sails

All contained there in a bottle

Where it never feels the gales.

Special tools put ships in bottles

Where they voyage without time

Painted ships in tiny oceans

Like the ancient mariners rhyme.

            Ken Stephans, 25-8-1996.